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How to organise Hindu

Hindudharm has two types of Upasana (worship)- one is Nirakar Upasana and the other is Saakar Upasana.

Nirakar upasana is worship of invisible God i.e. Nirakar Brahm AUM and Saakar upasana is worship of visible God i.e. idol worship.

Nirakar upasana have only one God, the AUM (ॐ ), the unseen, invisible and formless. Saakar upasana many forms (idols/images) of God.

Nirakar Upasana is basic part of Hindudharma. It is very ancient upasana guided by ancient sages.

Today you can see Hindus and their religious leader only giving emphasis to perform Saakar Upasana. They don’t teach or perform Nirakar upasana.  Every temple has only Saakar Upasana, but there is no place for Nirakar Upasana, because they totally have forgotten how to perform Nirakar Upasana.

What is Nirakar Upasana:-

  1. The greatest name of the Ishwar (Nirakar Brahmn) is AUM(ॐ ). This is unseen, invisible, formless, unique, incorporeal, eternal, One God.
  2. Proper worship of the Nirakar Ishwar is Meditation-prayer i.e. Dhyan-upasana.
  3. Place of this worship is Dhyanalaya (Dhyan temple) or Dhyan-mandapam (Dhyan hall).
  4. This Upasana have no ritual, no fasting etc., just pray and seek blessing of almighty.  It is very simple to perform.
  5. This upasana don’t require priest. No pandit/Brahmin is required.
  6. This upasana encourage gathering of people and assemble them.
  7. Veda says, “Shradhdhaa pratarh vamhe shradhdhaa madhydinam pari, shradhdha suryasya nimruchi shadhye shradhhapayeh” (10.22.2). Means – pray at three times- morning, afternoon and evening.
  8. Nirakar Upasana encourages praying at specific times i.e. gathering of followers of religion at specific time.

Importance of Nirakar Upasana

Nirakar Upasana has to perform at specific time, it encourages gathering of Hindu for prayer at specific times. This gathering is very useful to assemble people.  As soon as Hindu come altogether to perform Nirakar upasana, they will become orgnise community automatically. As on date, there is absence of this upasana, hence Hindus are unorgnised.

Remember, praying at specific time in congregation is a mechanism of organization.  This can be achieved by only establishing Nirakar Upasana in every temple. Hindu should renovated all their temples and make space (hall) for this Upasana. Come together for this Upasana on specific time i.e. morning 6 am, afternoon 1 pm, evening 6 pm and night 8 pm. It is upto you  whether you attend all prayer or one time, two, three, but congregation is important. There is no burden on your soul.

To perform this upasana Hindu should make arrangement as under:-

  1. Make space (hall) in every temple for Nirakar Upasana.
  2. Build Dhyanalaya/Dhyan Temple in every area.
  3. Every District, City, town should have Dhyanalaya.
  4. Appoint Dharm-sevak  (religious worker) in every temple to call people for prayer. Dharm-sevak should contact every Hindu residing nearby temple and invite each of them for prayer. Remember most of the people don’t come for prayer by themselves, you have to call them personally.
  5. Every Hindu leader whether they are political, religious or spiritual should implement this upasana in every temple.
  6. They should make their groups, and mobilized.
  7. Implementation of this Nirakar worship is key issue as most of Hindu don’t know how to perform this upasana.

How to perform Nirakar (Dhyan) Upasana? Kindly read chapter 21 of http://dharmmargdarshan.wordpress.com


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