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How to become Hindu

Hindus are not proselytizer; they don’t convert people of other faiths into Hinduism.

They don’t have groups and mobilization against non-Hindus.

They don’t have fund of charity for that purpose.

They don’t have Central Board (governing body) to maintain their Dharm/religion.

They don’t have religious officers appointed in every region for maintaining their religion.

They don’t use their temple money for proselytism.

Till date, they have not any mechanism to convert non-hindu in Hinduism.

However, one can adapt self-conversion. One can become Hindu, by his/her self conversion. It is very simple to become Hindu.

First understand the meaning of Hindu.  Hindu means “knowledge seeker”. This word came from Vedic word “Indu” which means those who are on path of light (knowledge).

The only truth/knowledge in this world is Ishwara (the God). Those who understand Ishwara is called Hindu.

Further one should understand that Hindudharm is not a dogma; it is free from dogmatism.

Second one should believe in “Ek satvipra bahudha vadanti” i.e. God is one, but people call him/her by the name supported by their tradition and languages. Hence, all sects (religions, sub-religions) and God-Goddesses are nothing but faiths and forms of one supreme God.

The supreme Ishwar (God) is ॐ the Nirakar/unseen/formless. One cannot see him, until he takes any form/avatara.

The Ishwara shows no partiality between believers and non-believers, black and white, no castes, all human being are equal before the Ishawara.

There are no non-believers in Hinduism, all are believers.

Nothing is mandatory.

There is no any compulsion in Hindu faith.

There are no wars against non-believers, you don’t have to kill non-believers.

There is no burden on your souls.

When you find oneness in all forms of God or Goddesses, in all souls, your mind becomes peaceful and this is first step to acquire knowledge and it makes you knowledge seeker i.e. Hindu.

In Hindudharm, you can choose your personal God and believe this is one form of Nirakar Ishwar i.e. ॐ. You have full freedom in Hindudharma. So becoming Hindu is very simple for anyone.

However, you can chant following grand Mantra for becoming Hindu:-

Om bhur bhuv: swav:

tat savitur varenyam bhargo devasya

dhimahi dhiyo yo n: prachdayat A

ॐ (the unseen and formless God i.e. Ishwara)

भूर भुव: स्वः (the creator of earth, space and heaven)

तत् सदितुर वरेण्यम भर्गो देवस्य धीमहि ( we meditate and surrender to the Lord of World. May light our soul with truth)

धियो यो न: प्रचोदायत ( I/We pray for self and wellness of  community)

Declare yourself from the bottom of your heart, and with all your strength, “henceforth I am  Hindu and I will remain Hindu forever. I am follower of the Ishwara and will not turn away from the path of the Ishwara (ॐ).”

Do meditation. Read Veda, Upanishada and BhagavadGita, these books have contains true knowledge about spirituality and these books are beyond dogma/religions.

There are two types of religions in the world, one is freelance religions and seconds are dogmatic religion.

Hindudharm is freelance religion; there is no dogma in this religion.

Prophetic religions have dogma, they are dogmatic, and they stick to one man’s concept of God.

In Hinduism, you can create your own concept of God and believe, pray and attain peace of mind.

Understand that:-

If religion is Dogma, then Hinduism is not religion.

If religion means path to God, then Hinduism is the only religion of world.

Dogma- free belief is a true religion.

Hence, do not believe in prophets as they preach dogma i.e. dogmatic faiths.

They impose their concept of God on humanity and deceive them, spread ignorance.

If you believe the above strongly, the light of knowledge will spread in your heart, and then you become Hindu.

This is the simple way to become Hindu.


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